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    Fastest VPN with optimized servers for complete online freedom, secure data transmit and media streaming fun. Highest speed, 100% secure and super easy!


Enjoy Video and Music Anywhere

Now you can watch any video, listen to any music or enjoy any online media content from any spot on the earth. No more restrictions, no more annoying frequent buffering and loading circles!


Fastest VPN without Throttling

Fast Free VPN is the fastest VPN service with optimized servers that offer streaming speed up to 20 Mbps. Unlike many other VPN services, it does not confine you from using the full speed of the VPN to send or receive some big files.


Protect Your Online Privacy

Turn Fast Free VPN on whenever you are doing personal or business things online because it can hide your IP address and encrypt your data traffic, protecting your peace of mind from hackers, spies, snoopers, peepers and countless threats.


Unblock Websites & Bypass Restrictions

Regional restriction can be a great barrier to getting infinite recources on various websites worldwide. Fast Free VPN can help break through these restrictions and censorships to make you actually and entirely free online.


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  • Recognized as #1 Fast Free VPN software for 6 years.
  • Loved by 5 Million users.
  • 100+ Awards from computer & software websites

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How to Use VPN with Fast VPN Service for Free
How to Use VPN with Fast VPN Service for Free?

Missing a favorite show on vacation? Hide your IP using a VPN and connect to the desired country server to enjoy streaming as if you never left home. Or just want a great layer of protection online to disguise your real location. You may need Fast Free VPN which has the ability to hide your real IP address via encryption, allowing you to be anonymous when browsing online. [More...]

Why Use VPN and How Can You Benefit from VPN
Why Use VPN and How Can You Benefit from VPN?

You may have already heard of VPN but haven't got the chance to use one. But in fact, you really should be considering using VPN now because at some point in the near future, you will feel the urge to include it in your toolbox. In this post we show some of the reasons why you should start using VPN and how it benefits you. [More...]

How to Pick VPN and What is a Good VPN Service
How to Pick VPN and What is a Good VPN Service?

VPN services are mainly used to help with people who want to getting around regional restrictions and network monitoring or download huge files with privacy. They can be used occasionally by casual users or kept turned on by heavy users. The best VPN service should include a mixed balance of speed, server locations, protocols, price and features. [More...]

Introduction of VPN User Groups and Fast Free VPN Download
Introduction of VPN User Groups and Fast Free VPN Download?

Why VPN services are more and more popular? Because VPN can do much on protecting your privacy and get you complete freedom online. There are many people using VPN to do whatever they want every minute of every day. They can be categorized into several groups. [More...]

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