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How to Pick VPN and What is a Good VPN Service?

What Makes Good VPNs?

VPN services are mainly used to help with people who want to getting around regional restrictions and network monitoring or download huge files with privacy. They can be used occasionally by casual users or kept turned on by heavy users. The best VPN service should include a mixed balance of speed, server locations, protocols, price and features.


When you are looking for VPN services, you may see some confusing terms like PPTP, L2TP, TCP, UDP, SSL/TLS, IPSec and some others. These protocols have their own benefits and drawbacks but mostly, they all provide a secure connection. Normal users don't have to worry about this. Meanwhile, corporate users should probably be using IPSec or SSL clients.


The VPN services' locations are important, depending on what you are looking for with VPN. Let's say what you want is to bypass the regional restrictions to watch live TV in UK, then your VPN server should be located in UK; to protect yourself from state-sponsored monitoring and hackers' attack attempts, you should choose VPN in another country, but your home country. So when buying a VPN service, it is very important to check if it has multiple locations, especially the location you want.

Mobile Apps

Subscription VPN should include solutions for all your device, desktop, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. So it's important to buy a VPN service that's really worth the money. Purchasing two different VPN services for two of your devices is obviously not a good idea.


Many Free VPN services will log your data and pop ads while you're connected (Download VPN Free, No Logging, No Ads). But if want you want is completely free and quick solution without any cost, Free VPN services are a great choice. Subscription VPN may also log your data and pop ads, but usually they have faster speed and more server locations to choose. However, you should always look for Subscription VPNs that offer free trials to check if they satisfy your needs.

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